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Creating Intimacy and Promoting Bonding

How amazing is it to feel like you've been heard and that someone actually understands you? Doesn't that create a special connection between you and the person you're trying to communicate with? Signing Smart helps promote intimacy and bonding between you and your child as you find new and exciting ways to communicate with each other. Would you like to reduce frustration for you and your child? Would you like to know what your child wants, how they feel, what they are interested in? Then Signing Smart is for you!

Engaging the Language Center of the Brain

The Signing Smart curriculum is packed with unique, research-backed methods to engage the language center of the brain and help children recognize, comprehend, and use signs to communicate with those around them. The goal of Signing Smart is to make language learning easy! 

Infants and toddlers can begin communicating with signs as early as 6 months of age. They can have a vocabulary of 300 signs & words by 18 months and learn spoken words as easy or easier than children who do not sign. Children who learn sign language often show cognitive and linguistic advancements at age 4. That being said, it IS a play class, so there are countless toys, songs, activities, and all around silliness to make learning fun!   

Play Class Structure

  Play classes are designed for children and their parents, caregivers, grandparents, and siblings who want to join in the fun!


Beginner Play Class is for babies ages 5-12 months. 

Intermediate Play Class is for toddlers ages 12 months-2 years.

Each class is 10 weeks long and we meet once per week for 45 minutes. Classes include play time, large group activities, strategy sessions for parents/caregivers, songs with signs, and centers for small group interactions and opportunities for children to choose what they want to engage in.  

We use American Sign Language (ASL) exclusively.

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